Research Interests

I got my Ph.D. in statistical physics studying macroscopic phenomena, which arise from interactions between individuals ranged from spin systems to human behavior. Recently, My research focus moved on ecological systems by applying statistical physics. Mainly I am working on individual based eco-evolutionary dynamics. Especially, stochastic models described by reaction systems have been considered, which naturally allow the demographic fluctuations (intrinsic noise). Since the evolution is the outcome of individual birth and death, understanding such systems is crucial.

During my postdoctoral fellowship, I contributed to developing population dynamics allowing demographic fluctuations and new mutations (instead of predefined types), typically not explored. This approach enables us to investigate the extinction behavior and evolving population such as microbial succession. Such models naturally allow the population to evolve their size and composition through processes of mutation and selection. By controlling a parameter for the beneficial effect of mutants, I found that extremely deleterious mutants as compare to slightly deleterious ones extend the lifespan of the whole population. I also observed that for fixed mutation rates the population size increases consequently increasing the number of types as well. For future research, I am going to investigate the community structure.