Research Interests

I got my Ph.D. in statistical physics explaining the macroscopic phenomena which arise from interactions of individuals ranged from spin systems to human behavior. Nowadays, I am studying ecological systems by applying the statistical physics methods because many individuals interact with each other appearing many interesting phenomena. Mainly I am working on the individual-based models in ecological systems and human societies to find the underlying mechanisms of phenomena.

Especially, I am working on eco-evolutionary dynamics based on stochastic models described by reaction systems, which naturally allow the demographic fluctuations (intrinsic noise). Since the evolution is the outcome of individual birth and death, understanding this system becomes more important. Indeed, the demand of such studies increases to understand the microbiome and cancer dynamics.

Specifically, I was studying the extinction trajectory of coexisting two types and long-term evolution of the carrying capacity in the interacting population with mutation process. For the future work, I will study the feedback of the environment, which may induce the temporal fluctuation of reaction rates. Also, I studies the role of spatial structure and spatial dynamics on the emergence of cooperation. Generally, the spatial dynamics enriches the system dynamics and keeps the diversity of species. I am also interested in the self-organized criticality, as wondering that how the simple spatial dynamics can induce the criticality in the biological systems.